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🖌️ 3 Ink-credible Jagua Tattoo Places in Singapore to Get Your Tattoo Fix!

Want to get a tattoo but afraid of the commitment and pain that comes along with it? Jagua tattoo is a great alternative – not only is it temporary, it is also painless and a cheaper option compared to tattooing.

What is Jagua Ink?

Jagua Ink tattoo is a temporary skin decoration from the application of the fruit juice extracted from a fruit called jagua. Jagua leaves a blue-black stain on your skin that can last 1-3 weeks, unlike permanent tattoo ink which inserts pigment under your skin.

Henndrawn is founded by See Min, also Singapore’s pioneer jagua tattoo artist. She specialises in hyper realism, remixed pop culture, renaissance art, flowers, girls and hands. Her slots run out fast so do keep a lookout for when it opens!

Jynk Ink was started by Jen in 2017. Her drawing styles range from botanical illustrations to stylistic linework. Her inspirations come from nature and her experience as an illustrator and animator. Our team went down for her pop-up event earlier in January, do check out this Tiktok for a glimpse of her work!

Being a jagua artist and also a tattoo apprentice at @visualorgasmtattoo, Yee Ling dabbles in mostly illustrative work with a hint of darkness to it. She is also open to doing various styles, from line work to complex and larger pieces. Her rates for jagua tattoo start from an affordable price of $20 onwards!

Here's flö Jagua. Founded by Christel and Jesstine, this is their commitment to make all-natural, ready-to-use Jagua ink accessible as a local brand. Even if you have no drawing background, you can still be good at jagua ink art with practice! Their Jagua ink comes in two sizes, shört (15ml) and stöut (30ml), and it starts from $25.

Have fun going wild with these temporary tatts!

with Love,

The Dateideas Team 🥰

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