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๐ŸงŸ๐Ÿ“น 5 Spooky Youtubers To Ramp Up The Mood This Halloween

Happy Halloween! Whether you are heading out tonight for a little spooky celebrations or staying home after a Halloweekend, amp up the chills and put up some videos by these Yourubers!

1. Watcher

Photo credits: Watcher

Many will probably know the meme worthy combination of ghost believer Ryan Bergara and his skeptic co-host Shane Madej from their Buzzfeed Unsolved days. Now you can catch them on their independent venture Watcher, where they've just finished their first season of their ghost hunting show Ghost Files.

While mostly funny, with the two goading the various ghosts and demonic presences, you can count on a little bit of a chill when the ghost hunting devices start making too much sense.

2. Loey Lane

Photo credits: Loey Lane

Those who love ghosts and haunted paraphernalia will love Loey Lane. Covering videos of all things creepy, including creepypastas, ghost TikToks and even real life events, Loey Lane's channel gives you quick shots of adrenaline to make you a little more cautious about the shadows on your wall.

3. Garrett Watts

Photo credits: Garrett Watts

Want to choose between the creepy and the funny? Find both at Garrett Watts' channel, where you find gems like Garrett staying overnight at a haunted ice cream shop or the man walking around his city in a giant ghoul costume doing normal day to day activities.


Photo credits: WEAREHANTU

Southeast Asian ghosts hit different, without a doubt, from Western ghosts. Come back home with WEAREHANTU, a Singapore based YouTube channel. You'll be looking over your shoulder after watching these chilling stories of familiar places.

5. Cinema Nippon

Photo credits: IMDB

Finally, you can celebrate Halloween with some good, terrifying movies, and how better than Japanese horror? Find only the most terrifying movies with Cinema Nippon's playlist of Japanese horror for a completely different experience from Western horror.

How best to get in the spooky mood than to pull up some spine chilling videos? So get your loved ones together and put these on for some entertaining and terrifying entertainment.

with Love, The Dateideas Team ๐Ÿฅฐ Follow us on Instagram, Telegram & TikTok too!


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