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📱🥳 Did you know these benefits you have as an Apple user?

Excited for Apple's upcoming launch this Wednesday? With rumours of the release of the iPhone 14, the Apple Watch 3 and more, you may be missing out on some ways to make your purchases more worth it. Here are some lesser known benefits that you are privy to if you are an Apple user!

1. Learn skills for free!

Photo credit: Apple Singapore Website

Want to learn how to code? How about making your own song with Garageband? Or how to make the most of your iPhone camera? Learn all that and more for free at Apple's workshops!

Photo credit: Apple Singapore Website

With each day having multiple workshops that teach you the full capabilities of your Apple device, you would be spoiled for choice. So why not bring your loved ones for a fun day out, while learning some new skills? Find what workshops Apple offers here!

2. Trade in your old Apple products for credit towards your next purchase!

Buying the new iPhone? If your current iPhone is still in fairly good condition, you can bring it into the Apple store to trade for store credits to use for your next purchase. Otherwise, you can also bring in any Apple products that are worse for wear for recycling.

Photo credit: Apple Singapore Website

Using this trick would also make it cheaper for you to buy gifts for your Apple-loving friends and family! Lessen the strain on your wallet and find out more about the trade-in here!

3. Make the Apple logo on your phone into a screenshot button!

Bae making a cute face while on video call? Take a screenshot quickly and stealthily with these steps! In Settings, click Accessibility → Touch → Back Tap to create this shortcut.

Now taking screenshots are as easy as tapping twice on the back of your iPhone!

Photo credit: Apple Singapore Website

Any of these tricks and hacks making you even more of an Apple lover? Share these tricks with your favourite people now!

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