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🏳️‍🌈 Pink Dot 2022: The Change We Want to See

After 2 years of virtual events, Singapore's landmark LGBTQ+ rally Pink Dot is returning to Hong Lim Park tomorrow on 18 June, from 3pm to 7pm! Here's what to expect at the event:

1. Wear pink to the event! 🎀

As the name suggests, it is Pink Dot. Do wear pink to show your support!

2. Write your messages of hope and change on placards 🔥

Have a vision of what a more inclusive future looks like? Write it down on physical placards and show it to the world! Do come down earlier so that you will have ample time to write on the pink placards provided.

Note: These placards must remain in Hong Lim Park during and after the event due to legal restrictions.

3. Vaccinated Singaporeans and PRs only! 💉

In accordance with local regulations, only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to enter the barricaded part of the event. You will also need to bring along your IC (or SingPass), and proof of vaccination to enter. Children under 12 years old do not need to be vaccinated to enter! Since it is an outdoor event, masks are optional.

4. Fun events lined up for you! 🕺

Not only will you get to enjoy picnics with your family and friends, there will also be a Pink Dot Concert held! Expect Preetipls, lewloh, Jean Seizure, and more. The Singapore Drag Royalty will also be performing, so be prepared to have a blast!

The Community Tent will also be present. These organisations provide support to the well-being of the community during the pandemic. Do head down to engage with community leaders and learn more about LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore!

5. Can't head down tomorrow? Here are other ways you can show support! 🤗

Lighting up your homes and businesses are simple ways you can show your solidarity and that you stand with the LGBTQ+ community. Purchase lights and other merchandise by Pink Dot SG here!

🌈 Lastly, love is love. Pink Dot is open to everyone, of all ages. Bring along your friends, children, parents, grandparents, everyone! Even if you are straight, you should still attend Pink Dot to show your support. This is also so that more people are aware of the common issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community that many Singaporeans take for granted. It is important to have events like these to foster understanding and promote unity amongst everyone.

Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates about the event!

Happy Pride Month!

with much Love,

The Dateideas Team 🥰💖

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