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🤓 TikTok's 'Girl Math' and 'Boy Math' Explained

In the TikTok arena, there's a fresh buzz around 'Girl Math' and 'Boy Math,' two trends that add a dash of humour to our everyday equations.

What is Girl Math?

Imagine justifying splurges by believing they're practically free. It's the art of turning your desires into money-saving triumphs. This trend tickled funny bones as women revealed their crafty spending rationalisations. It's about valuing happiness more than the price tag.

What is Boy Math?

'Boy Math' takes aim at men's habits and even their slightly hypocritical behaviour, all served with a side of humour. Unlike 'Girl Math,' which zeroes in on shopping and money, 'Boy Math' broadens its horizons. It playfully navigates the complex web of life, touching on everything from dating dilemmas to sports statistics, height humour to quirky hygiene habits.

And now, for some of our TikTok favourites:

#1 Tiktok user: @damndar

If you top up your Starbucks card and you pay for it the next time, all your drinks are free. Girl Math”

#2 Tiktok user: @danyaghass

Girl Math is returning an item = making money. If I buy a shirt for $30, I return it in a week. I got $30 back. That’s an extra $30 in my bank account

#3 Tiktok user: @csagwa_

If I spend money the day before I get paid, I didn't spend any money. Girl Math.

#4 Tiktok user: @kayleighhhzann

Boy math is receiving a paragraph and only replying ONE sentence.

#5 Tiktok user: @ninjabread_

Boy Math is telling us one more game at 11pm and only coming to bed at 3am.

#6 Tiktok user: @karinareyl

Boy math is when you ask them to do something around the house and they say okay and then 3 weeks passes by and they still haven't done it

In the end, TikTok has given us a quirky glimpse into the realms of 'Girl Math' and 'Boy Math.' These entertaining trends reflect the humorous side of everyday life, making us laugh while we nod in agreement. So, whether you're decoding expenses or poking fun at your better half's peculiar habits, remember that it's all in good fun.

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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