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❤️💫 10 Fascinating Facts About Love & Relationships

There is always more to discover about love! Read on to learn about some interesting facts which could be useful for you ✨

1. Falling In Love Takes Longer For Women

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It has been widely believed that women tend to fall in love more quickly as compared to men, but that has proven to be untrue! Men actually fall in love faster than women, and what's more, they're usually the first to confess their feelings as well! - Good Man College

2. We Are Attracted To People With Similar Genes

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Another widely believed myth is that opposites attract, but that is not exactly the case! In actual fact, Scientists have proven that relationships formed between two people of similar DNA (not related) occur more commonly and tend to be more successful than most as well! - Vocal Media Humans

3. Equally Attractive People Do Well In Relationships

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It has been a proven hypothesis by psychological and social research, that people with the same level of attraction are a good fit for each other in relationships. Whether we know it or not, we are subconsciously in search for a partner who looks similar to us, with approximately an equal level of attraction. With 2 partners having differing levels of attractiveness in a relationship, this could possibly lead to the arising of insecurities in some cases! - Bored Panda

However, do note that attraction is not limited strictly in the physical sense, as it encompasses all traits which makes one socially desirable. This includes one's personality traits and behavioural attributes as well!

4. Lovers Are Able to Synchronise Their Heartbeats

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Scientific research has discovered that couples bound together in a romantic relationship are actually able to synchronise their heartbeats after gazing into each others eyes for 3 minutes! - Bored Panda

Try this out with your partner and see if it actually works for you!

5. Having A Broken Heart Is Real

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Heartbreak may have been dismissed as a metaphorical term to some, but research has proven that this condition actually exists, being know as the Broken Heart Syndrome. Upon going through traumatising events, such as through relationship break-ups or the loss of a loved one, this could affect one greatly and cause real physical pains in one's heart. In the event of such situations, experiencing of deep emotional distress actually triggers the brain to distribute chemicals which weakens one's heart, resulting in strong chest pains and shortness of breath. In cases, this condition could be misdiagnosed as a heart attack. - Bored Panda

6. Being In Love Heightens Our Nerve Cells

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When we first fall in love, we tend to experience heightened senses due to a protein in our bodies - known as the Nerve Growth Factor (NFG). This protein seems to thrive especially during the 1st year of being in love, which heightens our senses and makes our fight or flight response system more active. - Life Hacks

7. Long-Term Relationships & Memory Have A Strong Relation

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It has been studied that couples in a committed and loving relationship tend to remember their relationship history well, including events and situations which happened during each stage of their relationship. Conversely, couples in an unhappy relationship tend to misremember details to avoid disappointment. - Mom Junction

8. Love Can Cure Headaches

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Did you know that love is actually a cure for migraines? People in love tend to release the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. A research has shown that the use of an oxytocin spray can help to alleviate migraine headaches.

Results of the study showed that approximately half of the participants reported their headaches were reduced by half after 4 hours, while an additional 27% reported to have no headache at all during the same duration. - Mom Junction

9. Music Is The Key To A Successful Date

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It has been proven by the Psychology of Music that music can make or break a date. From an experiment conducted, feelings of attraction and interest in single men and women were more aroused when music was playing in the background on their first date, as opposed to when no music was played. First dates are the most important so do make sure to plan your dates properly with good music! - Mom Junction

10. You Fall Harder In The Face Of Rejection

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Your emotions may play tricks on your heart sometimes, when you get dumped by someone, this often leads to 'frustration attraction', which could result in you loving the one who dumped you even more. - Thought Catalog

Was this your first time hearing about these love-related facts and discoveries? Share these with your friends and loved ones for an interesting read! 💖

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