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๐Ÿ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ”‘ 3 Things to Look Out For After Getting Your BTO Keys

Just picked up your keys and ready to move in? Before you do that make sure your apartment is in tip top shape. HDB allows you to report defects in your apartment for fixing within 12 months from key collection under the Defect Liability Period. Here are 3 basic sections of your apartment you should check.

1. Test each electrical point

Photo credits: Hamish Kale on Unsplash

Checking your electrical points would include ensuring there are no cracks, mould or any other issues, along with whether the electricity works. The sockets should also not be loose or wobbly, as this could end up revealing wiring and be quite dangerous. Since you'd have to stay in the apartment for a minimum of 5 years, make sure that the sockets don't have any gaps as well.

2. Check for leakage or drainage issues

Photo credits: Sasikan Ulvek on Unsplash

The BTO toilet, with its sink and toilet combination to save space, are a topic of great debate. Nevertheless of the debate, it is still important to check for plumping pressure, dripping taps, any issues with draining. Make sure to check under the sink for any leakage as well.

3. Note any stains or hollow points on walls or ceilings

Photo credits: Fleur on Unsplash

What you are looking for in the walls include uneven painting, hollow points, or any stains. It could reveal leaking from the faulty plumbing behind the walls. Tip: if you do find any inconsistency in your walls, remember to use a post it to mark the spot with a note on what the issue is. Finding it again a second time might be quite hard.

Now we aren't experts in the field, so it could be helpful and easier to reach out to professionals to help you do a check through of your apartment. It can be very overwhelming to move into a new home, especially for new homeowners. We hope this list is useful for you in running through some basic checks of your home.

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