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🧩🎮5 Free Video Games On Steam To Play With Your Partner

Save these for the days where you just want to stay home and play games! 🤓

We Were Here

We Were Here offers a unique cooperative experience for couples. In this game, two players are placed in an abandoned castle, with one player confined to a small part of the castle while the other player explores the rest of it. The game challenges players' communication skills and intellect as they must use only their voice to solve the puzzles and navigate through each room!

Beavers Be Dammed

Beavers Be Dammed is a hilarious party game that is perfect for couples who love to laugh and have fun together. In this game, your goal is to steal wood from sawmills before time runs out, with the help of your beaver buddy!

You and your partner must work together to gnaw your way into the mill, locate the timber, and maneuver the heavy logs towards the drop-off point. However, you must also dodge sharp saw blades, avoid being cooked by flamethrowers, and other hazards that add to the game's excitement!

With You

With You is designed specifically for couples, providing them with a playful and intimate space to collaborate and solve puzzles together. This cooperative two-player puzzle game is approachable and interesting for both new and experienced gamers, making it an excellent choice for couples looking to spend quality time together. The game is intended to promote healthy communication and collaborative habits in relationships, making it a great tool for couples to enhance their connection and work together more effectively!

Unsolved Case

Unsolved Case is perfect for couples who love to solve mysteries together. As detective duo Old Dog and Ally, you'll be up against one of the most devious minds in the world, facing a labyrinth of puzzles and challenges to crack the case of the Cryptic Killer. This game will put your problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the test as you work together to solve the intricate puzzles, crack codes, and find your way out of the maze!

Jigsaw Puzzles Dream

If you and your partner enjoy jigsaw puzzles, then you'll love this multiplayer game that lets you design the room you play in! This game is a fantastic jigsaw puzzle simulator that is perfect for couples who are new to puzzles or unsure if they can manage to complete a real 1000-piece puzzle. It's an excellent place to start and see how good you are, as it provides an immersive and engaging experience that is both fun and challenging!

Sometimes all you need is your PC, Wifi and some snacks! This one is for the gamers 🥰

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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