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🍡🍨5 Places To Get Your Mochi Waffles Fix

Feeling in the mood for some chewy mochi dessert? Here's a list of cafes serving mochi waffles to satisfy your mochi cravings! ✨

1. Gelatolabo

Photo credits: Gelatolabo

Decked in light pastel colours, Gelatolabo is an ice cream and waffles shop specialising in Tokyo Mochi Waffles and artisanal ice cream flavours. The store uses quality ingredients and fresh fruits to produce small batches of distinctive ice cream flavours daily, including flavours such as Kyoto Shiso & Yuzu Jelly, and Colombian Cold Brew & Cookie Butter Bits.

Photo credits: Daniel Food Diary

Pair these unique ice cream flavours with Gelatolabo's signature Tokyo Mochi Waffles ($7.60) for the perfect dessert! Hand made with Nippon flour and mochi, these waffles are perfectly crusted on the outside with the softest and chewiest filling. This dessert is best eaten served hot and piping straight from the oven, but Gelatolabo offers delivery for frozen mochi waffles and ice cream pints as well! Place your orders here and follow the instructions on reheating the waffles to enjoy them in the comfort of your home!


Faber Drive Singapore 129418

18 Mohamed Sultan Road 01-01 Singapore 238967

⏱️Opening Hours: Check store opening hours!

2. The Better Scoop

Photo credits: Cavin Teo

With 2 outlets located across Singapore in Serangoon and Sembawang, The Better Scoop is a convenient spot for a quick fix of handcrafted ice cream and waffles. Indulge in desserts comfortably with their stores having a clean minimalistic interior, and round wooden tables and chairs spaced a distance apart from each other.

Photo credits: Daniel Food Diary

The Better Scoop presents a unique twist on mochi waffles, substituting the chewy mochi for its slightly sweeter counterpart - Nian Gao, a Chinese New Year staple we are all familiar with. Prepared from glutinous rice flour, this sweet sticky rice cake goes perfectly with the light and airy waffles, adding an extra dimension of texture to the dessert.

Photo credits: Daniel Food Diary

Head down to any of their outlets to try out their Nian Gao Waffles ($6.80) and their old school ice cream flavours! Expect interesting flavours including Tie Guan Yin and Honey Chamomile, which pair well with the sweet chewy waffles.


264 Serangoon Central Singapore 550264

8 Jln Legundi, #01-08, Singapore 759274 ⏱️Opening Hours: Check store opening hours!

3. Hvala

Photo credits: Blake Erik

We may all be familiar with Hvala, a modern day matcha teahouse specialising in a wide array of matcha desserts and drinks. However, their newest outlet along Craig Road may have yet to gain the crowd's attention. With it being Singapore's first vegan matcha teahouse, Hvala is a prime dessert spot for everyone!

Photo credits: Hvala

Exclusive to their outlet at Craig Road, Hvala presents their rendition of mochi waffles, with a crispy exterior, and a soft and chewy mochi texture on the inside. Their dairy-free mochi waffles ($12.90) is drizzled with golden syrup and topped with a sprinkle of fragrant genmai (toasted rice). Served alongside a scoop of oatmilk or matcha gelato, enjoy a relaxing dessert at Hvala, with its serene and peaceful environment.

📍Location: 40 Craig Rd, Singapore 089678 ⏱️Opening Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm daily

4. Brotherbird Bakehouse

Photo credits: Clue On It

Famed for their croissants, Brotherbird Bakehouse is yet another store serving up mochi desserts. However, instead of mochi waffles, you may expect other variations of mochi desserts here, including mochi croissants and donuts. Enjoy croissants infused with glutinous rice flour, resulting in pastries with a crispy exterior and chewy, buttery layers within. Aside from their original mochi croissant, expect a variety of other flavours, including matcha, lemon meringue and rocher chocolate.

Photo credits: Miss Tam Chiak

While you're at the cafe, be sure to try out their mochi donuts paired with a luscious swirl of soft serve ice cream ($15). These chewy round donut holes are coated generously with caramel glaze and sprinkled with bits of almond crunch, served alongside a topping of cookie butter soft serve. The price may seem slightly steep for a dessert, but this is a dish perfect for sharing so bring a friend along to try out this famed dish!

📍Location: 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189868 ⏱️Opening Hours: Sunday - Wednesday (10am - 6pm)

5. Glacier

Photo credits: Daniel Food Diary

Featuring an all white interior, Glacier is a minimalistic and botanical themed cafe serving up a variety of mains and desserts, including their Pandan Mochi Waffle ($8). What's more, the cafe is open til 1am on weekends, making it the ultimate supper spot for night owls!

Photo credits: Eatbook

With a distinctive pandan flavour, Glacier's mochi infused waffles are light and crispy on the outside with a chewy mochi middle. Instead of the usual maple syrup used for waffles, Glacier has paired a brown sugar syrup to go with its waffles, complementing the pandan flavour perfectly. Enjoy a scoop or two of creamy gelato to go with the chewy waffles for a sweet treat!

📍Location: 161 Lavender St., #01-09, Singapore 338750 ⏱️Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday (9am - 10pm), Friday - Saturday (9am - 1am)

Closed on Tuesdays!

Savour these chewy desserts with your friends and loved ones, and have an enjoyable weekend ahead!

with Love, The Dateideas Team 🥰 Follow us on Instagram, Telegram & TikTok too!


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