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5 Things To Get For A Smart Home

Ever dreamt of having your very own Axiom from Wall-E, where everything is at your fingertips? Just a touch and you unlock your home, switch on the lights, draw the curtains, and more. Here are 5 things our team has picked out for you to live your best homebody couple life!

1. Digital Lock

Image source: Yew Digital Lock

Have a forgetful partner who always forgets to bring their keys out? Or worse still, lose their keys frequently such that locks have to be replaced regularly? Fret no more, with a digital lock, you never have to worry about missing keys. As long as you keep your fingers or face intact, Yew Digital Lock's state-of-the-art gate lock bundles, with Singapore's first and only patented facial recognition synchronised bundle, promises you security and convenience. What's more? Keep your renovation cost low as Yew's luxurious and modern digital locks are the cheapest in the market.

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2. Smart Curtain

Image Source: Shopee

Had enough of that morning glare that shines through when you try to sleep in on the weekends? With smart curtains, open and close your curtains just by simply hitting a button. Too lazy to wake up to hit a button? Optimise your curtain usage based on a set schedule to capitalise on natural sunlight when necessary and block it out when needed. Never have to argue with your partner again over who gets up to close the curtains!

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3. Adjustable Table

Image source: Omnidesk™

With work-from-home being the norm these days, it's no wonder that more and more people are opting for standing desks. With a slew of benefits such as improved productivity, good posture that alleviates back pain and more, it is simply a must-have for your smart home. How does it help couples, you ask? Well, standing desks have been known for improving blood circulation.

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4. Smart Fridge

In today's fast-paced world, home cooking becomes an adventure for couples with Samsung's smart fridge. With its intuitive Family Hub, you and bae can seamlessly sync calendars, share shopping lists, and plan meals effortlessly with features that cater to your dietary preferences and schedules. With access to a vast library of recipes, you can explore new culinary adventures together or stick to favourites with ease. And if you aren't yet convinced, how's streaming your favourite music or even watching your favourite cooking shows from the touchscreen display while cooking together?

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5. Smart Home Assistant

Image Source: CNET

Having various smart devices at home is great but nothing beats having that one ring to rule them all. Apart from acting as a central hub to help you and bae easily manage your home environment with voice commands or a simple touch, Google's Nest Hub now has automatic sleep tracking to help you understand your sleep patterns and optimise sleep environment.

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Final Notes

Living in Singapore, it's all about convenience and accessibility. Instead of focusing on mundane tasks, upgrade your home and spend that quality time with bae doing things you both love!

This article contains partnership content from Yew Digital Lock. Check them out here!

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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