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๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„ 5 Unique Christmas Traditions To Try Out

Get in the mood for Christmas with these unique Christmas traditions, and have a memorable holiday with your friends and loved ones โœจ

1. Cookie Exchange

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Switch it up this season with a cookie exchange instead of swapping gifts! Get together with your friends and loved ones for a baking session and share around the final baked goods for a Christmas high tea. Get creative with the cookie decorations and take this chance to bond with your friends as well. This could be a good change from the usual Secret Santa routine if you're finding it difficult to think of suitable gifts for your friends!

2. DIY Advent Calendar

Photo credits: Pinterest

This definitely makes for an adorable Christmas tradition - creating a DIY advent calendar for the month of December in celebration of Christmas! Be free to customise your calendar however you like, be it something simple like lighting of scented candles, to something decadent such as throwing a Christmas Party. It would definitely create a build up leading to Christmas Day itself, making this festive holiday a special one! It might be slightly late to create a calendar for Christmas now, but you could try making one for this coming week, with New Years Day coming up!

3. Gift Hunting

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Spice up your usual gift exchange with a gift hunting activity prior to opening of Christmas presents! Take it in turns to hide your gifts around the house to provide some fun and challenge instead of presenting the gift directly to the receiver. If you'd like, you can also include subtle hints regarding the whereabouts of the gifts as well! This would draw out the suspense of gift giving and make the event more memorable as a whole!

4. Themed Christmas Outfits

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Glamorise your annual Christmas party with a dress code to follow! It could be anything from having a specific Christmas theme such as 'Naughty Santa', to something generic such as having to wear knitted Christmas sweaters or dressing up as Christmas movie characters. Let your imagination run wild and have fun preparing your outfit for a festive celebration with your loved ones! Remember to snap loads of pictures to commemorate the occasion as well!

5. DIY Christmas Crackers

Photo credits: Pinterest

Hosting a Christmas party? Prepare some of these DIY Christmas crackers for a night of surprises and fun for your guests! Enclose little trinkets and sweets within paper rolls, and secure these by tying ribbons or string around each end, and you're done! Your guests would definitely have a fun time popping these crackers and discovering the small gifts hidden within, and they can be good party favours as well!

Try out these Christmas traditions with your loved ones and make this Christmas a special one! ๐Ÿ’–

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