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5 CNY Snacks That Will Impress Your In-Laws

It's the same every Chinese New Year season, the stress of finding the perfect gifts for your in-laws kicks in. Would they already have multiple tubs of pineapple tarts, what did mother-in-law say about the bak kwa I brought up last year? We get it, finding the perfect gifts for your in-laws on this auspicious occasion sure feels tough. That's why we are here to save the day with a curated list of delectable treats that are bound to leave a lasting impression on your in-laws.

1. LÉLE Bakery

Singapore's leading customised cake specialist, LÉLE Bakery, is back with their annual Chinese New Year snacks. With their 3 signature CNY specials, they are on a roll (literally), hand-making all their orders and delivering them to their buyers, FRESH! From textures to flavours, their Butter Cookie, Brownie Tower and Ondeh Ondeh Tarts are sure to blow your in-laws' palettes.

Image source: LÉLE Bakery

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2. Plain Vanilla

Well-known for their comfort bakes, their time-honoured comfort food and nostalgic bakes are sure to bring you back to grandmother's cooking. Their CNY bakes this year include out-of-the-norm flavoured pineapple tarts: Pandan Gula Melaka and Yuzu Champagne. They also have flavours such as Mandarin Orange Pistachio or the iconic Bak Kwa Pork Floss that are up for grabs too. If it's too difficult to choose one, then just get all like we almost did - they have hampers and boxes with mixed bakes.

Image source: Plain Vanilla

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3. Annabella Patisserie

Looking for something colourful and cute? Annabella Patisserie offers a variety of CNY-themed bakes. From the traditional Black Sesame Cookies, Cranberry Shortbread Cookies, and Pineapple Tart, to Dragon-themed cupcakes and macarons, they have it all. Why limit feasting to just your taste buds when you can feast your eyes on their vibrant collection of macarons?

Image source: Annabella Patisserie

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4. Janice Wong

What is the festive season without alcohol? At Janice Wong, they offer bundles and hampers with uniquely flavoured goodies paired with alcohol! Pink Moscato paired with Pineapple Flower Tart? Yums. Or perhaps you may be interested in Stardust Bottega with Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies?

Image source: Janice Wong

👉🏼 Get them here:

5. Aunty Hong

We understand that, despite the evolution of flavours over time, some still prefer traditional snacks. Well, let's step back in time with Aunty Hong's nostalgic snacks brimming with flavours, straight from the 1960s! Apart from the usual CNY tidbits such as pineapple tarts, prawn rolls, pistachios, and cashew nuts, they have a variety of keropoks and chips as well. To pair with their snacks, there are different types of teas available as well: Jasmine Green Tea, White Peach Oolong Tea, Sun Moon Lake Red Tea, etc.

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Final Notes

If it's still too much stress, leave the decision to your partner and if things go south with your in-laws, you can probably just blame it on their child. Jokes aside, your in-laws will probably appreciate whatever you bring up and you are likely just overthinking this. Just brush up on your Chinese and prepare some CNY wishes ahead of time - stay tuned on our Telegram channel for this!

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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