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๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅ‚ 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Is your relationship running dry? Enliven your relationship with these fun and effortless ideas! โœจ

1. Create A New Tradition

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Maintaining relationships take effort, but this could be a simple way to revitalise your relationship! Creating a new tradition exclusively between you and your partner brings your relationship to a new level of intimacy, having an activity dedicated solely to the two of you. It could be anything as common as visiting a new cafe each month or having a movie day every fortnight, to more unique customs such as having themed dates or exploring hidden trails.

Be it a simple or elaborate activity, having a shared tradition could go a long way towards improving relationships, with both parties setting aside a fixed time to have an enjoyable time together.

2. Plan A Date - With A Twist!

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It has always been a timeless trend to surprise your partner with a ready-planned date, but here's a twist on how you could go about with planning your date! A planned date is indeed a thoughtful gift to your significant other, but the date itinerary may not always be what your partner had in mind. So here's how you could plan a date suited to your partner's preferences while preserving an element of surprise!

Instead of having a fixed plan of an eatery or activity, select a few options for your partner to choose from. An example would be to provide a list of cuisines for your partner to select from, without disclosing the specific restaurant or cafe you've chosen for each cuisine. Although this may require more time and effort on your end, I believe it would very well be worth it when you observe your partner's enjoyment on the date.

3. Checklist And Reward Concept

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Relationships may fizzle out due to the gradual lack of communication or interest in each other's lives. Overtime, with less effort put into the relationship, both parties may become more preoccupied with the ups and downs of their lives as opposed to having a regard for each other. However, this could potentially be resolved with a shared checklist between you and your significant other, whereby each of you lists down the achievements you'd like to attain within a certain time, as well as the corresponding rewards for each accomplishment.

With the reward being eligible only after both parties have fulfilled their goals, this could develop a supportive relationship with both partners encouraging and motivating each other to strive for their goals. Having worked hard together, indulging in a shared reward would also bring partners closer together, strengthening the relationship further.

4. Create A Scrapbook

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Creating a scrapbook could be a relaxing hobby shared between you and your partner, while allowing the both of you to relive and reminisce your relationship together. A scrapbook could contain anything from photos and polaroids, to items such as tickets from movies or handwritten notes from each other.

Alternatively, if you're less artistically inclined, you could always try making a time capsule or having a shared social media account, or just about anything that could contain the happy memories and milestones of your relationship.

5. Have A Date Jar

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Always remember to keep the element of fun alive in your relationship! If you feel the boredom creeping up, try something new to spice up your relationship - such as having a date jar for interesting date ideas. Keeping a jar for future dates could come in handy especially when you and your partner have run out of things to do. Additionally, it could also add an element of surprise from not knowing what date you'll be experiencing prior to drawing from the date jar.

You could take a step further by coming up with a game to decide who gets to pick from the date jar! This could be a simple game of scissors, paper, stone, or an elaborate game you and your partner have devised. Who knows, the both of you may get so engrossed in trying to win the game that it could turn into a date spent playing games and pitting yourselves against each other!

Treasure your relationship and remember to show your love for your significant other ๐Ÿ’–

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