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52 Unique Date Ideas [2024]

If there's one thing most Singaporeans whine about, it would be about how "Singapore is so small, there's nothing to do here". Well, hold that thought as we unveil dateideas' 2024 list of the 52 most unique dateideas in Singapore.

That's not all, we have #exclusivedeals just for you guys! What's more? You can decide on your dates in any order of the year as the deals are valid all through 2024.

1. Get Hands-On with Moss

Image Credit: The Mossiah

Embark on a whimsical date with The Mossiah, where moss isn't just green—it's an art form! The preserved moss, boasting the world's first UV, water-resistant, and flame-retardant grade, transforms your indoors into an outdoor oasis. Join their condensed moss-making sessions & get your hands dirty!

💲 Quote dateideas141 to enjoy 1-for-1 for Preserved Moss Frame (Lite)/Preserved Moss Mood Lamp/Kolordama Workshop or students can quote dateideas1up to get 30% OFF selected workshops

✅ Book here:

📍 LTC Building C, 14 Arumugam Rd, #04-09, Singapore 409959

2. Try an Underwater Spin Workout

Image Credit: The Ripple Club

Ever heard of spin classes? Now, imagine kicking it up a notch with something unique: Underwater Spin at The Ripple Club! Transform your typical workout into a refreshing and enjoyable date experience. Picture pedalling away submerged in serene blue waters for a workout that's both invigorating and low-impact. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just testing the waters of a healthier lifestyle, let the ripples guide your date to new depths of fun and connection.

💲 Quote TRCD8 to get 1-for-1 single class

✅ Book here:

📍Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, Mercure, Oasia Downtown, Paradox Merchant Court, Indigo Katong, Fairmont Singapore

3. Saber Duelling

Image Credit: The Saber Authority

Yes, it is what it sounds like! Lightsaber duelling, inspired by real Asian martial arts, will take you and Bae beyond fictional styles and immerse you in the genuine art of sabre combat! No more random swings—experience a strategic dance as you decipher attack lines, striking flows, and your opponent's vulnerabilities. With the force as your guide, let the sparks fly by booking a lesson with The Saber Authority!

💲 Quote dateideas to redeem a 1-for-1 trial class

✅ Book here:

📍 National Stadium @ Singapore Sports Hub, 100PLUS Promenade, Gate 18, 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397629

4. Learn How to Longboard

Image Credit: The Longboard Academy

Glide into a date like never before with a longboard class at The Longboard Academy, Singapore's go-to for the coolest dates on wheels! Discover the thrill of riding side by side, conquering the art of balance, and creating a symphony of laughter. Trust us, this is the kind of falling for each other you'll want to remember!

💲 Quote 1PLUS1IS2 to enjoy 1-for-1 for all classes

✅ Book here:

📍100 Plus Promenade, Gate 21 (During Class Hours)

5. Embrace the Art of Kintsugi

Image Credit: Kintsugi Art Studio

Immerse yourselves in the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, a practice that celebrates the beauty of broken pottery and embraces imperfections by filling in cracks! Join your partner in this meaningful journey of embracing imperfections, celebrating resilience, and discovering the profound beauty in being both broken and beautiful by booking your workshop with Kintsugi Art Studio!

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✅ Book here:

📍 2 Fowlie Rd, #01-07 Sycamore Tree, Singapore 428505

6. Take a Flight to the Sky

Image Credit: Wings Academy

Discover the thrill of flight at Singapore's premier flight simulator center with cutting-edge simulators including the Robinson R22 Helicopter and Boeing 737-800. Elevate your romance with unforgettable, sky-conquering adventures! To take to the skies, book your slots through the link below for exclusive discounts!

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✅ Book here: 

📍 15 Changi Business Park Crescent, #05-05 Haite Building, Singapore 486006

7. Make Your Own Perfume

Image Credit: Wah So Shiok

Unlock the secrets of scent at Scentopia's Perfume Making Workshop! Dive into an aromatic adventure with your partner, blending unique fragrances that capture your essence as a couple. From floral notes to spicy undertones, create a scent that tells your love story.

💲 Quote DISCENTOPIA to enjoy a 20% OFF duo discount

✅ Book here: DM us on Telegram or email

📍36 Siloso Beach Walk, #01-04 Sentosa, Singapore 099007

8. Explore Singapore's Party Paradise

Image Credit: Pub Crawl

Craft your perfect night out with our Party Singapore Bespoke pub crawl! Tailored to your preferences, embark on a personalised journey through the city's finest bars and hidden gems. Whether you are looking for a laid-back vibe or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, our curated experience ensures an unforgettable evening. Immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant nightlife scene, enjoying handpicked venues and creating lasting memories in the heart of Singapore's party paradise.

💲 Quote dateideas for a 20% OFF

✅ Book here:

📍52A Prinsep St, Singapore 188683

9. Slow Down with Nature

Image Credit: Gentle Walks

Forest bathing is a gentler way of being in the forest by slowing your mind and awakening your senses. By immersing yourselves in nature, you and Bae can warm up to nature in a sensorial, heartfelt and therapeutic way. Experience authentic connections and whimsical encounters with your loved one by booking with Gentle Walks now!

💲 Quote DIxGW to enjoy 10% OFF all walks

✅ Book here:

📍 Multiple locations available

10. Get Gooey with Chocolate Making

Image Credit: Fossa Chocolate

Indulge in a chocolatey goodness as you and your partner make your very own chocolates at Fossa Chocolate! From bean-to-bar, you and Bae will get to taste single-origin chocolates before engaging in a hands-on experience in creating your very own delectable treats.

💲 Enjoy 20% OFF per couple (2 pax and above) by filling up the form below and mentioning dateideas in the 'Message box'

✅ Book here:

📍 30 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom II, Singapore 757013

11. Experience Traditional Chinese Pastries

Image Credit: Hey Lad Tour

Gain a deeper appreciation for Chinese culture and the disappearing art of traditional pastry-making as you and your partner explore an award-winning Chinese pastry shop and create your own pastries! Enjoy this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour as you peek into the intricate world of Chinese wedding culture in Singapore. Start exploring and baking now by booking a session with Hey Lad Tour!

💲 Quote HEYLADTOUR-DI to get 20% OFF your workshop

✅ Book here:

📍 Gin Thye Cake Maker, 427 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758394

12. Get Intoxicated with Distillery Tour

Image Credit: Tanglin Gin

Immerse yourselves in the essence of a gin distillery tour as you explore the distillation process, touch, feel, smell, and taste the botanicals that create its unique flavours. Clink your glasses with Bae at a tasting session of three core gins and a rotating liqueur! Toast your love story by booking your Distillery Tour at Tanglin Gin!

💲 Quote TGxDI20%OFF to get 20% OFF your tour (input promo code under special request to enjoy 20% off when making payment on-site)

✅ Book here:

📍 26B Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247693

13. Stitch Plushie Companions

Image Credit: Tiny Rabbit Hole

Dive into the whimsical world of plush-making at Tiny Rabbit Hole's crochet workshop. This hands-on experience promises giggles and cuddles as you stitch together your very own plush companions. No crochet wizardry is required – just a sprinkle of teamwork and a dash of creativity.

💲 Quote TRHXDI20BEANIE for 20% OFF Machine Knitted Beanie workshop oe TRHXDI10PLUSHBUNNY for 10% OFF Machine Knitted Bunny workshop

✅ Book here:

📍4 Everton Park #01-48, Singapore 0800044

14. Build and Paint Film Cameras

Image Credit: Avant-Garde Art Space

Paper Shoot Camera is a digital camera constructed out of eco-friendly stone paper with a film-like quality. It comes with four distinct built-in filters and interchangeable cases, so get crazy with your camera designs with Bae! Get your hands dirty with a workshop slot at Avant-Garde Art Space and Papershoot SG&MY!

💲 Quote DATEIDEAS to enjoy 15% OFF your workshop

✅ Book here:

📍39 Jln Pemimpin, Tailee Industrial Building, #04-03A, Singapore 577182

15. Create Home Decors and Terrariums

Image Credit: J² Terrarium

Unleash your creative spirit and dive into the world of artisanal coaster-making with your partner using eco-friendly Jesmonite! A beautiful way to bring serenity into your lives (and hopefully your new home as you furnish your BTO), Jesmonite workshops weave nature and sustainability into art and purpose. Try your hand at marbling and crafting by booking a slot with J² Terrarium today!

💲 Quote DATEIDEAS to enjoy 10% OFF your workshop

✅ Book here:

📍 1 Yishun Industrial St 1, #04-33, A'Posh Bizhub, Singapore 768160

16. Walk along Singapore's Shores

Image Credit: Wild Waves

Intertidal walks are an amazing opportunity for you and Bae to immerse yourselves in the captivating world of the intertidal zone and gain a deeper understanding of marine life from crabs to seastars on Singapore's shores. Unveil the secrets of the sea through a playful bingo game by booking your session through Wild Space!

💲 Quote WSxDI to get 10% OFF when you sign up as a couple

✅ Book here:

📍 Changi Beach

17. Craft Personalised Gin

Image Credit: Brass Lion Distillery

Learn how to craft your own bottle of gin with your partner as you unleash your creativity and engage your senses in the herb garden and lab. With your personal mini copper pot still, embark on the distillation process, creating a well-balanced spirit tailored to your preferred flavour profile. Be-gin your 'learning journey' by booking a workshop slot with Brass Lion Distillery today!

💲 Quote DI10OFFSCHOOL to get $10 OFF at time of checkout

✅ Book here:

📍 40 Alexandra Terrace, Singapore 119933

18. Express Your Creativity

Image Credit: Spin Paint House

Spin art is a form of creative expression where paint is applied to a spinning canvas. Embark on a vibrant artistic adventure with your partner where art and play collide in a kaleidoscope of colours. Plus, don't miss the chance to capture the entire process, turning the journey into art as valuable as the vibrant masterpiece you'll create together! Spin your love into art by booking a session with Spin Paint House today!

💲 Redeem a free regular blank canvas with dates2024

✅ Book here:

📍 61 Kaki Bukit Place, SRK Building 04-00, Singapore 416233

19. Try Free Diving

Image Credit: Zen Free Diving

Dive into a date like never before with free diving at Zen Free Diving! Plunge into a world where relaxation meets adventure. Forget the extremes; here, it's all about shared moments beneath the waves. From beginner strokes to advanced dives, their courses cater to your pace and passion.

💲 Quote DATEIDEAS at checkout to enjoy 10% OFF for their Discover Freediving (Pool) and Discover Depth Courses when 2 people sign up together (simply add 2 of the same courses to cart)

✅ Book here:

📍 35 Seraya Crescent Singapore, Singapore 575849 (course locations will vary)

20. Paint with Knife

Image Credit: Artify Studio

Ditch the paintbrushes and explore a new form of artistic expression with knife painting! Unleash your inner Picassos as you wield palette knives to create textured masterpieces. It's a date that promises laughter, paint smudges, and unexpected strokes of creativity. Channel your inner Van Gogh at Artify's Knife Painting Workshop and leave with a canvas that tells the colourful story of your date!

💲 Quote dateideas at checkout to get 10% OFF palette knife painting workshops

✅ Book here:

📍200 Jln Sultan, #12-07 Textile Centre, Singapore 199018

21. Bind Personalised Scrapbooks


Yotsumei Toji, or Japanese bookbinding, is a mesmerising 4-hole binding technique from Japan that weaves together the pages of a book without the need for glue. These handcrafted books are perfect for preserving memories in personalised scrapbooks with your partner. Start this chapter with a workshop slot at Avant-Garde Art Space and Trigger Hearth!

💲 Quote DATEIDEAS to enjoy 15% OFF your workshop

✅ Book here:

📍 39 Jalan Pemimpin, Tailee Industrial Building, #04-03A, Singapore 577182

22. Soaring Over Water with E-Foiling

Image Credit: Fliteschool Singapore

Soar over the water and turn your date into an adventure with e-foiling! Feel the thrill as you both master the art of gliding effortlessly above the waves. It's like walking on water, but with an electric twist. Ready for a date that defies gravity? Head to Efoil Singapore and let the sparks fly!

💲 Quote DATEIDEAS to enjoy $20 OFF

✅ Book here:

📍Pasir Ris Beach, Carpark E area, Quote open area at ramp near Kokomo Beach Club.

23. Taxidermy Art

Image Credit: Black Crow Taxidermy Singapore

Dive into the wild side of date nights with a taxidermy art class at Black Crow Taxidermy & Art! Unleash your inner taxidermist, crafting one-of-a-kind critters. Let the experts guide you through the art of preserving these winged wonders, creating a masterpiece that's both intriguing and romantic. Ready to make your love nest a bit more, um, wild?

💲 Quote DI52 on the booking page to redeem exclusive deals

✅ Book here:

📍195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #01-10, Singapore 168976

24. Go On A Paranormal Adventure

Image Credit: Klook

A perfect blend of fright and fascination, this chilling yet educational experience is crafted for those seeking a spine-tingling night to remember! You and Bae will explore eerie landscapes armed with candles and ghost-detecting devices. Start your adventure with The Oriental Tour!

💲 $254/pair

✅ Book here:

📍 Multiple locations during tour (transportation provided)

25. Sightsee with Sidecar

Image Credit: Klook

Embark on a romantic and adventurous journey with your partner by choosing a unique mode of exploration – the Vespa sidecar experience with Singapore Sidecars! Select from four charming routes, each weaving through distinctive districts and neighbourhoods in Singapore, offering a romantic sightseeing like no other.

💲 $198

✅ Book here:

📍 Multiple routes to choose from

26. Dine On A Floating Restaurant

Image Credit: Smith Marine Floating Restaurant

Hop on a short boat ride for the freshest seafood experience. Smith Marine Floating Restaurant offers diverse set menus, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any group size. Whether you're looking to impress the in-laws or just enjoy a lovely evening together, this floating restaurant guarantees a unique date night.

💲 Varies

✅ Book here:

📍Pulau Ubin Coastal Area

27. Paint Your Own Wine Glass

Image Credit: At Twenty One

Unleash you and Bae's artistic flairs with wine glass painting! Adorn the glasses with whatever design you like, along with the adorable charms that is ready to be added for the extra touch. At Twenty One ensures a cosy booth for two, creating an intimate setting under the light of tainted glass. An artistic escapade for two with glass, and one might even say, "with class".

💲From $10

✅ Book here:

📍 100D Pasir Panjang Rd, #05-11, Singapore 118520

28. Ride the Waves

Image Credit: Ola Beach Club

Brace yourselves for the thrill as an inflatable doughnut attempts to shake you off with every twist and turn on the waters of Siloso! Feel the rush, savour the laughter, and create lasting memories as you ride the waves together in this high-energy, donut-filled escapade at Ola Beach Club.

💲 From $25

✅ Book here:

📍 Ola Beach Club, 46 Siloso Beach Walk, 099005

29. Stitch Your Own Shoes

Image Credit: AirBnb

Stitching your own shoes takes 'matching couple shoes' to a whole new level! In just a few hours, construct your personalised pairs of espadrilles by choosing from a selection of reclaimed leather or alternative materials. If you'd like different styles of espadrilles, that's possible too at a small additional charge!

💲 From $99

✅ Book here:

📍 Oxley Rise, Singapore

30. Take a Thriller Hike

Image Credit: The Travel Intern

Embark on a hike from Bukit Brown Cemetery to discover Avatar-worthy trees and a spooky trial of abandoned cars. These rust-covered relics, tangled in vines, set the scene for a mystery movie. Grab your partner and explore this eerie yet fascinating blend of nature and post-apocalyptic vibes. Why settle for a regular hike when you can have a blockbuster-worthy adventure?


📍 36C Lor Halwa, Singapore 298637

31. Learn How to Latte Art

Image Credit: Klook

Do you and Bae always marvel at the intricate patterns on your lattes? Uncover the secrets behind the beauty and learn to pour your own mesmerising latte arts at this 2-hour workshop! You'll even get to delve into basic coffee knowledge and master proper milk-frothing techniques at Boncafé's workshop.

💲 From $80

✅ Book here:

📍 Boncafé Singapore, 208 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128401

32. Craft Your Own Furniture

Image Credit: Triple Eyelid

If you and your partner are looking to have that personal, sustainable touch to your shared apartment, a woodworking workshop may be just what you need! Through the concept of up-cycling, you get the chance to learn and hand make your very own furniture, from a coffee table to a folding stool at Triple Eyelid.

💲 From $160

✅ Book here:

📍 Triple Eyelid Workshop, 1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, Singapore 568049

33. Tattoo for Each Other

Image Credit: State Of Shiok

Discover your inner artist and dive into the exciting world of tattoo artistry without the commitment of permanent ink with Bae! Here, at State of Shiok, you and your partner can try your hand at pseudo-tattooing, allowing your creativity to flow freely on imitation skin.

💲 $68

✅ Book here:

📍 State of Shiok, 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-08A, Singapore 168976

34. Experience the Crazy Rich Asians' life

Image Credit: SingExperience

Welcome to the Crazy Rich Asians' life -- behind the wheel, that is. If you and your partner are Super Car fanatics, this is one experience that you won't want to miss -- a street tour in either a Lamborghini Aventador, Gallardo or McLaren MP4-12C. Revv your engines with SingExperience today!

💲 From $450

✅ Book here:

📍 Singapore CBD

35. Take a Hike through Cemeteries

Image Credit: Oriental Travel & Tours

Embark on a spooky adventure with your partner on a cemetery tour. Explore the history resting beneath the tombstones, unravelling tales of the past. It's not your typical date, but who said romance can't have a touch of mystery? Wander hand in hand, exchanging ghost stories and discovering the beauty in the eeriness. For a unique twist on date night, book your spooky expedition with Oriental Travel & Tours!

💲 From $120

✅ Book here:

📍50 Lor 28 Geylang, Singapore 398453

36. Try Hanging Upside Down

Image Credit: Aerial Fitness Studio

Elevate your date night with a twist—literally! Dive into the world of Ariel Yoga together, where you'll be suspended in silks, defying gravity and rediscovering your inner acrobat. No need to be yoga experts; just bring yourself and a willingness to embrace the unexpected. Spice up your relationship at Aerial Fitness Studio, and let the laughter flow as freely as your suspended poses!

💲 From $35

✅ Book here:

📍1557 Keppel Rd, #02-11, Singapore 089066

37. Zooming on a Speed Boat

Image Credit: RHIB Rides Singapore

Rev up the romance with a Speed Boat Tour from RHIB Rides Singapore! Imagine the thrill as you and your partner zoom through Singapore's Southern islands on a military-style speedboat. Feel the rush, soak in the live commentary, and share the excitement of discovering hidden gems together. Plus, with a stable ride, there's no need to worry about motion sickness—just pure adrenaline and unforgettable moments.

💲 From $116

✅ Book here:

📍2 Keppel Bay Vista, 098382

38. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Image Credit: Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

Embark on a heartwarming adventure by volunteering at the Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary. Spend quality time with your partner as you shower love on furry friends awaiting forever homes. From feeding and grooming to playtime, this experience promises joy and shared compassion.


✅ Get involved:

📍59 Sungei Tengah Rd, Block U, Singapore 699014

39. Indulge in Live Performances

Image Credit: Bakchormeeboy

Indulge in the magic of live performances with a local play or musical. Let the stage come alive as you both immerse yourselves in captivating stories and enchanting melodies. Check out the upcoming shows by Pangdemonium for an evening filled with laughter, drama, and perhaps a few unexpected twists.

💲 From $175

✅ Book here:

📍9 Changi South St 3 #04-01 Singapore 486361

40. Craft Edible Artworks

Image Credit: The Art Nooq Instagram

Unleash your artistic side as you and your partner decorate delectable macarons in a fun-filled workshop. From mastering intricate designs to savouring your edible masterpieces, this sweet experience is a delightful blend of creativity and indulgence. Secure your spot at The Art Nooq, where you’ll receive six regular-sized macarons and dive into a two-hour session, crafting Instagram-worthy edible artworks.

💲 From $60

✅ Book here:

📍195 Pearls Hills Terrace #01-58, Singapore 168976

41. Custom Make Personalised Rings

Image Credit: Fat Anvil Studios

Ready to gorge a bond as strong as your custom-made rings? Dive into the world of traditional silversmithing techniques, from annealing to piercing, and forge unique rings that will forever remind you of each other. Fat Anvil Studios provides beginner-friendly experiences that allows you both to create wearable memories!

💲 From $280 (2 Pax)

✅ Book here:

📍1 Thomson Rd, #03-340E, Singapore 300001

42. Go Kayak Fishing

Image Credit: Purehybridz

If you've dismissed fishing as too slow, this dynamic experience is a game-changer. Paddle through serene waters in your kayak, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Worried about capsizing or fish-related mishaps? Fear not – the expert guides at Purehybridz will ensure a safe and thrilling escapade!

💲 From $298 (2 Pax)

✅ Book here:

43. Read Your Fate

Image Credit: tarotonthemoon Instagram

Unlock the mysteries of your relationship with a captivating Tarot Card Reading date. Delve into the enchanting world of divination as you and your partner explore the revelations revealed in each card. Book your sessions with Tarot On The Moon, where resident reader Elaine provides face-to-face readings lasting from 15 to 45 minutes.

💲 From $30

✅ Book here:

44. Customise Couple Shirts at Uniqlo

Image Credit: Uniqlo

What's cuter than a T-shirt with your girlfriend's face? A matching one, of course! Create lasting memories with your partner by customising couple shirts at Uniqlo. From choosing colours to adding personalised touches, this hands-on experience allows you to express your connection in a fun and fashionable way.

💲 From $29.90

✅ Book here:

📍Uniqlo Bugis+ & Orchard Central Global Flagship Store

45. Saddle Up for a Ride

Image Credit: Bukit Timah Saddle Club

No, we're not talking about pony rides at carnivals or Mandai. Saddle up and start your riding journey with Bae at Bukit Timah Saddle Club! With 8 lessons in their Beginner's course, where you'll learn how to walk and trot on your horse, you'll get to feel like a proper cowgirl/cowboy -- the one from Singapore, not Texas, that is.

💲 $840

✅ Book here:

📍 1 Turf Club Ave, Stable Block 113 & 116, Singapore 738078

46. Practice Your Aim

Image Credit: Laser Clay Singapore

Test out your boyfriend's sharpshooter skills with the cleaner and greener version of trap shooting or clay pigeon shooting! Of course, you aren't shooting at pigeons, but rather fired clay discs launched at different heights and angles in an open field! Take your shot with Laser Clay today!

💲 Depending on schedule

✅ Book here:

📍 91 Bukit Batok West Ave 2, #03-02, Civil Service Club, Singapore 659206

47. Delve Into Honeybees

Image Credit: Klook

Delve into the enchanting world of honeybees as you and Bae study a beehive up close, with the chance to harvest honey together! Savour the sweet rewards during a honey-tasting session, indulging in the rich flavours straight from the hive through this rooftop experience at The Sundowner.

💲 $50

✅ Book here:

📍 705A East Coast Rd, Singapore 459062

48. Shape and Craft Glass Beads

Image Credit: Refind

Delve into the mesmerising world of glass at 800 degrees Celsius, where you and your partner will learn the ancient art of shaping and crafting your own glass beads! Embrace the heat, and let the molten glass transform into a masterpiece under your skilled hands with Refind's workshop.

💲 $500/pair

✅ Book here:

📍 The Yards @ Joo Chiat, 408 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 428045

49. Concoct Your Own Fragrance

Image Credit: Sugar & Spice

Mix, mould, and make a splash as you concoct your custom soaps. Choose your own scents, bid farewell to mystery chemicals, and get hands-on crafting your very own fragrant masterpieces. Check out Sugar & Spice for the scoop on soap-making fun!

💲 From $120

✅ Book here:

📍81 Ubi Ave 4, #10-19 UB. ONE, Singapore 408830

50. Visit Jurong Fishery Port

Image Credit: Ahmad Iskandar

Dive into the vibrant world of marine wonders with your significant other at Jurong Fishery Port. Explore the bustling atmosphere as you witness the captivating hustle and bustle of the fish trade. From colourful displays to the invigorating scent of the sea, this excursion promises an immersive experience.


📍 Fishery Port Rd, Singapore 619742

51. Find Calmness With Floatation Therapy

Image Credit: Palm Ave Float Club

Dive into tranquillity with floatation therapy—an escape from the daily hustle. Picture this: you and your partner, cocooned in a private float pod, discovering the art of doing nothing. It's more than just floating; it's a proven stress-buster, boosting mental clarity and deepening your zen. Book a session and let the still waters at Palm Ave Float Club work their magic!

💲 From $89

✅ Book here:

📍66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01, Singapore 338987

52. Try Surfing, Snowboarding, & Skateboarding All In One Place

Image Credit: Trifecta

Are you and your partner eager to dive into the world of snow sports? Well, imagine a place where you can try surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding—all in one exhilarating day. Trifecta features three main arenas dedicated to skate, surf, and snow, eliminating the need for passports on this adventure. Feel the rush as you carve through waves, conquer snowy slopes on a snowboard, and flaunt your skills on a skateboard. Brace yourselves for a thrilling date filled with excitement!

💲 From $40

✅ Book here:

📍 10A Exeter Rd, Singapore 239958

From all of us at the @dateideas team, we wish all our lovebirds a wonderous 2024 with an exciting date every weekend!

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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