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👰🤔 Does Going As A Plus-One To A Wedding Mean You’re Getting Serious?

Are we writing this solely because Crazy Rich Asians is this particular writer's favourite romantic comedy novel, or because the fifth rewatch of How I Met Your Mother has her scratching her head about why Ted keeps on insisting that he wants to bring Robin to Claudia and Stuart's wedding because 'Guys, she might be the one'? Uh, both of these reasons stand.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother

While weddings are joyous occasions to celebrate love and commitment, they can also raise curious thoughts about the status of your own relationship. Is being someone's plus-one to a wedding a significant step in a romantic journey that actually signals if you're getting serious?

1. A Shared Social Experience

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Being invited as a plus-one to a wedding can be seen as a shared social experience. Couples often choose to attend weddings together as a way to enjoy the festivities and witness the special moment of two people in love. It's a natural progression in many relationships, showcasing your bond with your partner. Plus, it doesn't hurt when you two share a romantic glance with each other when the bride and groom start sharing their vows!

2. Meeting the Inner Circle

Image Credit: Crazy Rich Asians

Weddings are where couples introduce their partners to their inner circle, including family and close friends. It's a way to show that you are significant in their life and that they want you to be part of these important moments. While it doesn't automatically imply you're getting serious, it does signify that you're comfortable introducing each other to family and friends. Keep an eye out for any jilted family friends who might be ex lovers of your significant other, though...

3. Shared Goals and Values

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Attending a wedding together can also be a reflection of shared goals and values in a relationship. The decision to be each other's plus-one may signify that you're both on the same page when it comes to commitment and long-term goals. It shows that you're open to sharing your lives together with others and building a future as a couple.

4. The 'Wedding Season' Test

Image Credit: Pexels

In some cases, being a plus-one to multiple weddings can be a test of sorts. It can be a way to gauge how well you both handle attending significant events as a couple. How you navigate these social situations, support each other, and enjoy the celebrations can be telling about your compatibility and your readiness to get serious.

5. Communication Is Key

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While being a plus-one can have different meanings in various relationships, what truly matters is open and honest communication. It's crucial to have a conversation with your partner about the significance of attending weddings together. Do you both view it as a step towards a serious commitment or do you see it differently? Clarifying your expectations can ensure that you're on the same page and prevent any misunderstandings.

Conclusion: It Depends on the Couple

In the end, the significance of being a plus-one to a wedding depends on the couple and their unique relationship. While it can be a meaningful step in some relationships, in others, it may simply represent an enjoyable shared experience without any immediate implications of seriousness. What matters most is the understanding, trust, and shared goals within the relationship. As your love story unfolds, it's essential to focus on your journey together, no matter the label attached to being a plus-one. Now, cue the wedding conga line! 🎊


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