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💔💋 5 Better Ways To Express Yourself After A Fight

We've all been there – those moments when an argument with your partner takes a turn for the worse. The dust settles, and now you're left with a mix of emotions. What do you say to make things right?

1. When You Don't Feel Heard: Seeking Acknowledgment

Instead of saying: "Do you even understand where I'm coming from?", say:

"I feel unheard. It's been bothering me. Let's acknowledge each other's perspectives."

Sometimes, the key to resolution is acknowledgement. This message emphasises the importance of mutual understanding and listening, paving the way for more productive conversations in the future.

2. When You Feel Bad: Taking Responsibility

Instead of saying: "I'm sorry you feel that way.", say:

"I apologise for my words. I know I hurt you. I'll be more cautious, and let's work through this together."

In the heat of the moment, words can fly, and sometimes they leave scars. Acknowledging your words and actions and offering a sincere apology is essential. It shows your commitment to personal growth and better communication.

3. When You’re Not Over It: Requesting Space

Instead of saying: "Can you leave me alone?", say:

"Right now, I'm not in a place for a productive conversation. I need more time to process everything. I'll be back."

Not every issue can be resolved with a snap of the fingers. It's okay not to be ready to move on immediately. This text requests the space needed for emotional processing, which is crucial for healing and eventually resolving the issues.

4. When You’re Ready to Make Up: Reassurance and Unity

Instead of saying: "Why are you still angry? Get over it and move on!", say:

"I've had some time to think, and I want you to know that I'm still 100% committed to us. This argument doesn't change that. When you're ready, I'd love to talk and find a way to move forward together."

This message reassures your partner of your unwavering commitment. It's a gentle invitation to reconnect and work through the issues, emphasising that your love remains intact.

5. When You Feel Hurt: Open and Honest Communication

Instead of saying: "Why do you always hurt my feelings?", say:

"I need to tell you that what happened hurt me deeply. I believe in our love, and I want to make sure we understand each other's feelings better. Can we talk about it when you're ready?"

Being straightforward about how you feel is important. This text encourages open and honest dialogue, allowing both of you to express your emotions and concerns.


Navigating the aftermath of a heated argument is a skill that can strengthen your relationship. By choosing your words carefully, being honest about your feelings, and giving each other the time needed to heal, you can turn a nasty argument into an opportunity for growth and understanding. 💗

with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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