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🐟🥪 Nimbus - Aesthetic Cafe & A Must Try Smoked Salmon Toastie

Café Nimbus, formerly known as C Café, has recently revamped with a more aesthetic interior! For C Café fans, fret not, the menu is still the same as last time with two new mains introduced to its breakfast menu (8am-3pm) : Truffle Beef Bowl ($22) and Ahi Tuna Bowl ($22).

The new look of Nimbus Café was definitely an instagram-worthy café! Much like its decor, the food was amazing.

We got a total of 3 mains: Lobster Roll ($32), Duck Confit ($28) and Smoked Salmon Toastie ($20).

The Lobster Roll ($32) was generously topped with Lobster with a buttery and soft grilled brioche roll. Every bite was well-seasoned and extremely satisfying. Just thinking of it makes me want to head down to the East, even though I live in the North. Do get this if you are a fan of lobster roll or just want to try something new from the menu! [Ratings: 4/5]

We had the Duck Confit ($28), it was well-cooked with the meat being very tender. However, it was a little over-seasoned and the skin of the duck wasn't crispy like I would like it to be. [Ratings: 2.5/5]

The star of the show was definitely the Smoked Salmon Toastie ($20). From the first bite to the last, the toast retained its crispy texture (without being too crispy) with the chewiness from the sourdough. Every bite was helmed with a mouthful of cheese and is balanced by the smoked salmon which cuts through the creaminess. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the Smoked Salmon Toastie and cleared it within minutes! This is a must-have if you're visiting Nimbus for the first time! [Ratings: 4.5/5]

From its instagrammable aesthetics to its amazing food, this is a first but definitely not the last visit to Nimbus!

Overall Ratings: 8/10

Location: 477 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427683

Opening hours: 8am to 4pm (daily)

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