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🍭 Never Be Board during WFH with MASH's customised keyboards!

Tired of the same old black and white keyboards? Or perhaps you want your office setup to look a certain way. Searching up and down Sim Lim Square but not able to find that perfect keyboard for your needs? No fear, MASH is here!

MASH Keyboard gives you full control over your keyboard's aesthetics, and setting it up is easy even as a beginner! Each MASH keyboard has three components, the keyboard, the switch and the keycaps. Fancy yourself a budding keyboard ASMR video maker? Try out switches like the Cherry Blue, which is a clicky switch, making audible clicking noises when you press down on it. For quieter typing, you can choose linear switches, and add stabilisers and lubricants.

Photo credits: MASH Website

Photo credits: MASH Website

If you'd like to try out the keyboard parts in person, you can head to MASH's Experience Centre in Bendemeer. Much like a fancy perfume store, each part comes labelled with their features, from the tactile feedback of a switch, to any additional design or language option on the keycaps.

You can even set up your chosen keycaps, switches and bases at the store and test it out before paying. Check out our team's designs!

If you want a heads up on what you can find at the MASH experience center, you can check out our feature here, or on Tiktok, or Instagram!

MASH Keyboard

📍Location 994 Bendemeer Rd, #05-07, within AFTERSHOCK Experience Centre, Singapore 339943 ⏱️Opening Hours Monday - Wednesday, Friday 11.30am - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Closed on Thursday & Public Holidays

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