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👰🧧 Wedding Ang Baos: What They Are and How Much To Give

Wanna guess what else is rising alongside prices and GST rates? The answer is ang bao rates, and this is one expense that you can't avoid unless you want to be side-eyed by literally every auntie and uncle when you walk into the room at Chinese New Year.

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But what exactly does a wedding ang bao entail? Is it just some money in a red packet? Let's find out!

Understanding Wedding Ang Baos

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What Are Wedding Ang Baos?

Wedding ang baos, also known as "red packets," are monetary gifts typically given by guests to the bride and groom on their wedding day. These red envelopes are not only a token of best wishes but also a traditional way of helping the couple financially as they embark on their new life together.

The Symbolism of Red Envelopes

The colour red is considered lucky and auspicious in many Asian cultures. It symbolises happiness, love, and prosperity. The act of giving a red envelope signifies the transmission of good wishes and positive energy to the couple. Check out this gorgeous red packet design here!

How Much To Give: The Considerations

When deciding on the amount to include in a wedding ang bao, it's crucial to remember that there is no fixed or obligatory sum.

Before we begin, there's something much more important to take note of:

Guests should not feel pressured to match the cost of the wedding, and the act of giving should be driven by your heartfelt blessings for the couple.
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Here are some considerations to help you determine an appropriate amount:

  1. Your Relationship with the Couple: The degree of your relationship with the bride and groom plays a significant role. Close friends and family members might consider a more substantial gift than acquaintances.

  2. Your Financial Situation: It's important to stay within your means. The couple will appreciate any amount that comes from your heart, regardless of the monetary value.

  3. Wedding Venue and Scale: Wedding expenses can vary greatly depending on the venue and scale of the celebration. Take into account the venue, the number of guests, and the overall cost when deciding on an ang bao amount.

  4. Customary Rates: While there's no strict rule, there are customary rates for wedding ang baos in Singapore. These rates can vary based on whether the wedding is held during lunch or dinner and the year. You can find a guide to ang bao rates in the image provided.

How Much To Give: The Considerations

Weddings in Singapore often distinguish between lunch and dinner celebrations, each having different customary rates for ang baos. For a detailed breakdown of ang bao rates by wedding venues in Singapore, you can refer to this article by Seedly.

Final Notes

Remember, while customary rates can offer a useful reference point, your ang bao should reflect your personal wishes and financial capacity. It's the blessings and well-wishes that truly matter on a couple's special day. The act of giving is a symbolic gesture of support, and it's the thought that counts! So, join hands with the bride, smile in the wedding pictures, and don't ask others how much they gave in their wedding ang baos unless you're looking to be the topic of the aunties' next high tea gossip session.

with Love,

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