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🤪🍓 You Won’t Believe What Products These Women Used To Make Their Partners Obsessed With Them!

Do you want to spice up your sexy time with bae?

We've collaborated with the feminine hygiene brand Foxy Affairs to give you our list of top products to take care of any unwanted intimate hygiene problems to make your partner obsessed with you in the bedroom! 🤪

Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

😻 Say Good Bye To Fishy Smells!

We all want to feel fresh, confident, and sexy during one-on-one time with our partners - but nothing affects our confidence more than certain unpleasant odours that may have other plans.

Fishy smells from your intimate regions may be a sign of an imbalance in your vaginal pH or an overgrowth of bacteria - which, let's be honest, is not really the sexiest thing that can happen to you, especially when you and your partner are in the mood. But it's alright - this discomfort and self-consciousness can be treated quite easily.

Products like the Kitty Rinse are designed purposefully to tackle that fishy odour head-on. So bid farewell to your self-confidence issues because, with Kitty Rinse, you'll be smelling amazing down there, and your partner won't be able to get enough of you!

🍓 Product To Try: Kitty Rinse

🍓 Benefits: Deeply cleanses and balances vaginal pH levels

🍓 Customer Reviews: "I tried the Kitty Rinse and OH MY GAWD MY 😸 NEVER FELT BETTER THAN BEFORE!"

Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

😻 No More Irritation Or Dryness!

Itchiness and dryness are, unfortunately, something we are all too familiar with. Not only can it be uncomfortable as you go about your day, but dryness also can be a huge mood kill during spicy times. However, Sebastian, the crab from The Little Mermaid, was right; it really is better down where it's wetter!

Our recommendation for this problem is the feminine oil Kitty Drops which provides you relief with silky smooth skin. This product is also a treat to your partner: it works as a natural lubricant, enhancing your pleasure and making every touch a sensational experience.

🍓 Product To Try: Kitty Drops

🍓 Benefits: Soothes irritation and inflammation; doubles as a natural lubricant

🍓 Customer Reviews: "This product is a GAME CHANGER. I think this was the longest time he spent down on me!"

Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

😻 Hello Tighter Kitties!

As time goes by, it is only natural that our bodies undergo some changes. For some women, this may include a loss of vaginal tightness. This can actually be due to a range of reasons like hormonal changes, childbirth, or just a sign of age.

If you find yourself experiencing a reduction in the sensation felt or if you're concerned about the long-term impacts on your intimate moments with your partner, you're not alone.

To combat these worries, try out the Kitty Elixir! This product is literally the rejuvenation potion for your most intimate area - enhancing your sensations and boosting sex stimulation and pleasure. Your partner won't be able to keep their hands off you.

🍓 Product To Try: Kitty Elixir

🍓 Benefits: Tightens vagina, strengthens pelvic muscles, boosts sex stimulation

🍓 Customer Reviews: "My partner and I are very very pleased with my 🐈 condition after using this product. I truly will recommend this for ANYONE and EVERYONE who has issues with their 🐈"

Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

😻 See You Later Yeast Infections!

Have you been struggling with the horrible itchiness and even worse-looking discharges of yeast infections? While the exact causes of yeast infections are unknown, it's believed that hormonal changes, a weakened immune system, and even certain medications can contribute to the problem.

With the severe irritation and the soreness during sex, yeast infections are not at all fun to deal with and can derail your love life. If this is something you're going through, we've got you.

Kitty Pops are the solution you've been looking for! As specially formulated boric acid and prebiotic vaginal suppositories, they help resolve all the nasty stuff down there. Pop in one of these and have your partner go crazy over you again.

🍓 Product To Try: Kitty Pops

🍓 Benefits: Treats yeast infections, relieves itching, promotes healthier vaginal pH


Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

😻 The Big O Has Never Been Better!

Ever had trouble reaching your climax? So have most women universally. It's hardly a secret that women find it harder to reach the big O than men - but it's time to leave behind unsatisfying sexual encounters as things of the past.

Whether with an old or new partner, a lack of communication and getting stuck inside one's own head seem to be common themes in this age-old tale of not reaching climax. But - we've got just the product for you.

Say hello to Klimax Drops - a product that increases your clitoral sensitivity, turning up the heat in your sex life and the sensations you feel. This product lubes up your intimates, too, giving your partner a night of ultimate bliss they'll never want to end!

🍓 Product To Try: Klimax Drops

🍓 Benefits: Increases clitoris sensitivity, promotes hormone secretion

🍓 Customer Reviews: "The warmth sensation of the serum really made him crazy that he had to choke back his moans and he really came! Damnnn, he said this is one of the best experiences he ever felt!"

Photo Credit: Foxy Affairs

With these products, you're guaranteed to have your partner absolutely obsessed with you. Have fun! 😉

This article was written in collaboration with Foxy Affairs (Telegram: @foxyaffairsexclusive), a new age inclusive feminine hygiene brand, ready to take over the world one kitty at a time. 💕 Check out an exclusive Foxy Affairs collaboration special:

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with Love,

The Dateideas Team

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